Work List

Published by Chester Novello unless otherwise indicated

Birthday Piece for RRB 2’; Str
Carmen Natale 4’; Str
Choruses to Apollo 10’; 2.2+ca.2+asx.1/ 4211/3perc/ str(
Concerto for Orchestra 17’; 3(afl)3(ca)3(bcl)3(cbn) /4331/timp.3perc/ /str(
Elijah’s Violin 21’; 1(pic)2(ca)02/2000/str(
In the Beginning 17’; 2(2pic)2(ca)2(Ebcl:Ebcl,bcl) 2(cbn)/4331/timp.2perc/str
Music to Celebrate the Resurrection of Christ 10’; 2(2pic)2(ca)2(bcl)2/ 1110/timp.2perc/str(
The Ring of Eternity 14’; 2(pic)2(ca)2(Ebcl)2/2200/ perc/pf(cel)/str(
Variation on ‘Sumer is Icumen In’ 6’; 2222/2200/timp/hp/str

Soloist(s) and Orchestra

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra 30’; 2(pic)222/4331/timp.2perc/str
Concerto for Viola 17’; 2(pic)2(ca)2(bcl)2(cbn) /2200/perc/pf/str
Concerto for Violin 22’; 2(pic)222/4331/timp.2perc/str

Works for Band/Wind/Brass Ensemble

Fanfare 2’; 2222/4210/2perc
Fanfare 1’; 0000/4331/timp
Ring, Time 12’; 3333/4331/timp.2perc

Large Ensemble (7 or more players)

Birthday Music for Sir William Glock 3’;
Canzona: In Memoriam Igor Stravinsky 13’; 1110/hn/hp/
Chamber Symphony: The Circles of Light 19’; 1(pic,afl)1(ca)1 (Ebcl,bcl)1(cbn)/ 1110/perc/pf/str(
Paraphrase on Mozart’s Idomeneo 10’; 2ob(ca).2cl.2bn/2hn
Processions and Dances 12’; 1(pic,afl)1(ca)10 /perc/hp/
Reflections of Narziss and Goldmund 12’; group II:
Traumstadt 13’; 2222/2210/pf/str(

Soloist(s) and Large Ensemble (7 or more players)

Eloge 13’; 1110/1000/pf/str(
La Promenade d’Automne 8’;
Psalm – A Song of Ascents 15’; 1111/1110/perc/str(
What Does the Song Hope For? 12’;

Works for 2-6 Players

Arias 6’; ob, pf
Echoes of the Glass Bead Game 12’;
Fanfare for Prospero 2’;
Fantazia for String Quartet 8’;
Invocation, Dance and Meditation 6’; va/pf
Krystallen 6’; fl/pf
Piccola Musica per Luigi Dallapiccola; fl.ob/pf(cel)/
Poems For Melisande; fl/pf
Quartet No. 3 20’; string quartet

The Sentinel of the Rainbow 15’; fl(pic,afl).cl(Eb,bcl)/perc/pf(cel)/vn(va)vc
Songs, Dances and Ellipses 30’; string quartet
Song Without Words 1’30”; clarinet and piano (UYMP)

Study For A Sonata;

There and Back; for three variable instruments (UYMP)
A Yardstick to the Stars 25’; piano and string quartet

Solo Works (excluding keyboard)

Chiaroscuro 7’; percussion
Fantasiestück 6’; accordion
‘…from a distant shore…’ 5?; oboe (UYMP)

Miniature Dance for a Marionette Rabbi 2?; guitar (UYMP)
Night Dance 8’; guitar
Sonata for Solo Cello on a Theme of Sir William Walton 10’; cello (UYMP)
Toccata 12’; cello

Solo Keyboard(s)

Chacony 6’;
Fantazia for Piano on the notes E, Eb, C, B, A
Music for St Catharine 2’; organ (UYMP)

Ritornelli and Intermezzi 15’
Sonata for Piano 12’
Sonatas for 2 pianos
Two Pieces for Piano 10’

Chorus a cappella / Chorus plus 1 instrument

At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners 5’; chorus
Cantate Domino and Deus Misereatur; unaccompanied SSATB choir (UYMP)

Chaconne 9’; chorus
Child of Light 4’; chorus
The Dialogue of Zion and God 5’; 8 solo voices (UYMP)

Five Motets 15?; unaccompanied SSAATTBBB choir (UYMP)

I Will Awake The Dawn 18’; chorus and double choir
Locus Iste 3?; choir (SSATB) and organ (UYMP)

Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis; TrTrATB choir (UYMP)

O Living Love 5’; SATB choir, organ (UYMP)

O Sing Unto The Lord A New Song 5;’ chorus

Chorus and Orchestra / Ensemble

Canticum Luminis 18’; soprano solo, SATB chorus, 2(pic)222/4331/timp.perc/str

Solo Voice(s) and up to 6 players

The Beach in Winter: Scratby (for Tess) 2’30”; baritone/pf (UYMP)

Brise Marine 6’; soprano/tpt/pf
Cantata No. 2 8’; tenor/ob/pf
Cantata on Poems of Hölderlin 8’; tenor, countertenor/pf
Prayer before Sleep 5’; soprano/pf/vc
Prayer to a Child 5’; soprano/2cl
Where are You Going to My Pretty Maid? 2’; soprano/

Opera and Music Theatre

Caritas 1’30; 10 singers
The Wandering Jew (opera) 100’ (Ricordi)

Electroacoustic Works

Cantata No. 3 5’; 2 sopranos and tape delay